To foster the creative and intellectual development of New York City youth through quality visual arts programs, directed by arts professionals. To collaborate with and develop the ability of those who provide or support arts programming and creative development for youth both in and outside of schools.


Studio works exclusively with the visual arts:  drawing, painting, printmaking, collage, sculpting, and photography. This commitment to programs solely in the visual arts has enabled the organization to develop a unique expertise in the field of arts education.
Studio hires only professional artists to teach in its programs.
Working artists are particularly suited for teaching art, not only because they have extensive knowledge of the history and culture of art and strong technical skills, but also because they are able to model an artist’s way of thinking and working.  This enthusiasm is conveyed to their students, who learn that art is more than skill – it is a process of exploration and discovery. Every year, hundreds of artists apply for teaching positions with Studio; from the talented group, only the most qualified are chosen.  
Studio programs are based on partnerships – with teachers, students, administrators, and caregivers.
Studio believes that training, supporting, and collaborating with those who help shape young people’s lives is a key component of making art an indispensable part of education. Classroom teachers do not simply drop their students off for art instruction with Studio. Instead, they too participate in the session – often working with the Studio instructor to reinforce academic subjects. Thus, by melding the unique skills of an artist and a classroom teacher, Studio is able to create programs that are not only tailored to a specific school, but that are more effective than either Studio or the school could create individually. Both Studio and its partnering sites make a commitment to provide the funds, facilities, materials, schedules, and training that enable art-making to become a regular part of the day and an ongoing part of
the curriculum.
Studio reaches the broadest age groups in the most diverse settings.
Each year, Studio provides services to almost 30,000 children in public schools and a wide range of community settings.  Its individually designed art programs fulfill the needs of these communities, whether they be youth-development or early-childhood goals.