Daily Sketch #97

Choose a three-dimensional object that is special to you. Why is it meaningful to you? Where does it live in your home? What shape is it? Is it small enough for you to hold? What does it feel like?

Now, make an observational drawing of your object. Turn your object around so that you can see it from different angles, and choose which side of the object you would like to draw.

Begin by letting your eye travel along the edge of the object as your hand follows, drawing the outline that you see. Continue by filling in the smaller shapes that you see. Look for areas of light and dark and add shading to the darker areas. You can also add texture to your drawing to show how your object feels.

Did you notice anything new about your significant object while you were drawing it? How can you show in your drawing that this object is meaningful to you?

If you would like to share your work with us, email us at artwork@studioinaschool.org. We will share your creations on our ‘Studio in Your Home’ page.

Written by Denise Schatz
Front page image by Caterina Kenworthy
Prompt page image by Denise Schatz