Expanding the Frame for Student Success

Over the past seven years, Studio has been leading major federal research efforts, having received three U.S. Department of Education grants totaling more than seven million dollars. The most recent grant, awarded in October 2014, is our second Arts Education Model Development and Dissemination (AEMDD) grant: Expanding the Frame for Student Success.

This highly competitive award provides two million dollars over four years to improve educational outcomes for fourth and fifth grade students. Now in its second implementation year, Expanding the Frame is working with dozens of educators and nearly 400 students in four Title I NYC elementary schools in the South Bronx.

The project seeks to improve student achievement through Art, Math, ELA, and Technology integration. This involves the development and implementation of standards-aligned Art units that are linked to Math and ELA curricula. Building upon lessons learned in Studio’s recent five-year i-3 Arts Achieve grant, the project employs robust use of technology for instruction, assessment, professional development, and documentation of student work.