Keller Rosales – Studio in a School

Keller Rosales
Unrestraint and Soul
Digital Photo Collage

My work explains the connection between the properties of a flower and a ballerina. I was inspired by the mysterious and beautiful air that is held within nature. Often in nature, we can find the simple things just as beautiful, if not more, than complex things. Flowers for instance which can be seen in my work are simple, in such a way one could say they are aesthetically pleasing. I titled my work Unrestraint because this word connects nature and a ballerina and molds it together in such an intricate way. While both flowers and ballerinas are rooted to a life on repeat, they can immerse themselves through the world. The flower seeds can be spread by the wind just as the ballerina can use different dance styles to immerse themselves in the world, as indicated by the wings. To me, this artwork represents the freedom of life and how nothing can hold someone or something back from their ultimate goal. My second work “Soul” represents the beauty that a ballerina and a flower hold, physically and spiritually. A viewer would start from the flowers to the woman (the ballerina) and then to the other ballerinas dancing. This transition indicates the connection between the flowers and the ballerina, and the grace and beauty with which she performs. I hope that the viewer is able to experience the beauty of the flowers and the ballerinas in their soul.
-Keller Rosales