Long Term Program – Studio in a School

Studio’s Most Comprehensive Visual Arts Partnership Program

The Long Term residency provides art instruction in the optimal way – a multi-grade curriculum for five consecutive years, with a dedicated  artist/instructor, a dedicated art studio in your school, and a full supply of high quality art materials. Students receive comprehensive visual arts experiences that encourage them to explore their imaginations and meet the city’s visual arts performance standards. Art instruction supports Common Core learning standards and Studio closely monitors classroom progress with ongoing assessment. Student artwork is prominently displayed in changing exhibitions throughout the school and is also eligible for Studio’s citywide exhibitions.

Children explore a full range of 2- and 3-D media, including drawing, painting, sculpture, collage, printmaking, 2-D design, and media technology. They study the works of art and artists of many cultures, times, and places. They explore new ways of thinking – analyzing artwork, forming critical opinions, and justifying their ideas with evidence. They also explore the rich cultural resources of New York City and the Internet.

Students discover how to think like an artist – to observe closely, solve problems, persist through challenges, and reflect on their creative process. They discover the value of innovation, precision, and craftsmanship. They are encouraged to be adventurous and realize they can take on new tasks with confidence and curiosity. They discover they can surpass their own expectations.

Children create a rich variety of original artwork with quality artist materials, filling your school with the shapes and colors of your students’ imaginations. Each piece of artwork expresses a child’s unique ideas, choices, and solutions. Collaborative pieces celebrate the combined artistic choices and social skills of small groups. Children create a body of artwork over a period of years.

The Long Term Program gives children the foundation of a comprehensive arts education. It builds foundational art skills that meet the grade level benchmarks of the Arts Blueprint. It develops creative and critical thinking skills and habits. Children learn to observe the world closely, develop their imaginations, and reflect on what they and their peers create. They build both academic and domain-specific vocabulary while talking about art, asking and answering questions, describing their choices and intentions. They learn to follow directions as well as their imaginations. They develop respect for other people’s work – their peers as well as established artists. They engage in creative learning, which inspires them to learn more.

How to apply
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