Mark Hilkevich – Studio in a School

Mark Hilkevich
Live in the Moment
Digital Photo Collage


The setting depicted by my work takes place in the wintertime, during daylight in Central Park. The snowflake represents the light given off by the sun to show the current season. The silhouette of the figure is filled in with the colors of light blue and yellow, which were selected to purposely blend in with the daytime environment. A clock is seen on the inside of the figure’s silhouette with the time and numbers faced upside down.

The setting of the piece is a reflection on the time of the day. The figure’s body position embraces the light of the snowflake as time passes by. The scene conveys the message of a lifetime – it is best to live in the moment. All of us at some point in our lives experience moments that are meaningful to us. Whether it is through something that we have once accomplished or something that we were once astounded by. Our desire is to treasure those experiences by wishing to “live in the moment”; “freezing” that movement of time.
– Mark Hilkevich