Nathael Jean Louis – Studio in a School

Nathael Jean Louis
Build Freedom
Digital Photo Collage


My artwork is inspired by Laszlo Moholy Nagy’s photo montages, specifically an artwork of a wooden street pole made out of a female figure. I decided that I wanted to further build on his idea and create something unique from the original, something that shows hard work and freedom.
As part of my process, I walked around and took photographs of different wooden street poles. I downloaded these into Photoshop and used different parts of poles and electric wires and cropped them into the images of ballet dancers. Making the photographs I took fit into the dancers bodies and finding the right match for these was a challenge.
With my second piece I was thinking of how freely the ballet dancers were moving, almost like they were flying just like time flies. The title of my work is Building Freedom. The first image within it, Build, shows the process of building towers while the second image Freedom shows how is it to be free. My success in creating this work is what I learned throughout the process, and I feel proud that I stayed with my ideas till the end. This work is my first Photoshop artwork and I’m really proud of what I have accomplished. I believe that I will continue to keep using this tool to create more work in the future.

When they see my work, I would like the audience to think about relationship between hard work and being free.
– Nathael Jean Louis