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Tailored to Fit Each School & Grade

Studio’s Residency Programs are open to all public schools and community-based organizations and offer customized art instruction for your particular needs. Residencies help students build foundational art skills and develop 21st century skills of communication and problem solving. This  program is offered both during the school day and after-school and can be tailored to any age group from pre-k through grade 12. The Studio artist/instructor can adapt the program to a curriculum theme and schools choose up to two different media in a 14-week residency – drawing, painting, printmaking, collage, media-tech, sculpture or 2-D applied design. Residencies run either 6 weeks or 14 weeks. The 14-week program includes a professional development workshop and school-wide final exhibition to celebrate the students’ creativity. The Residency Program is our most popular repeat program and a great way for schools to get to know Studio.

The Residency Program offers students the chance to explore painting, drawing, printmaking, sculpture, collage, media-tech, or 2-D applied design. Schools can choose two media for a 14-week residency or one for a 6-week residency.  Students learn to explore different artistic points of view while using quality art materials.

Students discover they can express themselves in new ways through manipulating art materials. They find new solutions for artistic and intellectual challenges. As they learn to work independently and  collaboratively in a new language, they often discover important insights about themselves.

Each student creates art that reflects his or her unique set of artistic skills and interests, engaging critical thinking as well as creativity. Students respond to a wide range of stimuli and themes and use memory, observation, and imagination to create art works that showcase their individuality.  

Students learn how to create art – and so much more. They learn to use artists’ tools, hone their technical and expressive skills, and develop vocabulary to describe their intentions and explain their choices as they persevere and solve problems through a multi-step process. They learn to envision an idea and develop it. Making art gives students the confidence to further pursue their creativity.

How to apply
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