Selena Perez – Studio in a School

Selena Perez
170 St
Digital Collage


Every step and every movement in time which makes us human is valuable and precious no matter what step and move we make. My inspiration for the artwork 170 St was a ballet rehearsal I saw at the New York City Ballet combined with the type of dance I grew up with which is hip – hop. With my work, I to combined something that was being shown to me with something that is a part of me. Some challenges I faced during the process of creating this work was combining the knowledge I have with was being taught to me in class, and trying to put this into my work. Even though at first it was a struggle to learn something new and get used to it, it became a success. The technique that was being taught to me was a success in my artwork and the image I created is exactly how I pictured it in my mind. This artwork means so much to me as it visualizes the story and background of my life. It relates to others as well who live in an urban society and grow up familiar with this kind of lifestyle. I am hoping that others will see their own story in my work and feel inspired by aspects of their own lives and make the most of the time they have left.
– Selena Perez