Studio Artist Community – Studio in a School


Founding members Marina Abramovic and Christo with Agnes Gund.

Studio Artist Community

Studio Artist Community is a community of working artists and other members of New York’s arts community. We believe that every child in our city should have the opportunity to explore their own creative vision through the process of making art. We know first hand how making art can be an invaluable experience in a young person’s life.

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Founding Members
Marina Abramovic – Tony Bechara – Lynda Benglis 
Christine Burgin – Christo – Claudia DeMonte – Lucy Fradkin 
Robert Gober – Timothy Greenfield-Sanders – John M. Hall 
Peter Halley – Bob Holman – Roni Horn – Alex Katz – Carol LeWitt
Julian Lethbridge – Andrew Lord – Mary Mattingly 
Kathryn McAuliff – Tom Otterness – Ellen Phelan 
Dorothea Rockburne – James Rosenquist – Clifford Ross 
Ed Ruscha – Joel Shapiro – Arthur Simms – Pat Steir 
Hendel Teicher – Mimi Thompson- Ursula von Rydingsvard 
William Wegman – James Weingrod – Terry Winters 
Elyn Zimmerman.   


Members gather at a Studio in a School exhibition.