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Studio Plans Expansion

As we start our 39th year of serving NYC Schools with visual arts programs led by professional artists, we are announcing an exciting plan to expand Studio’s mission and scope by creating a new division called the Studio Institute, to bring innovative new visual art programs, inside and outside of schools, to new partners locally and well beyond the City.  We have confidence that the institute will complement our current programs and that its resources will make our successful programs available to more children, families, and young people across the nation.

Tom Cahill, President and CEO, will lead the Studio Institute.  To lead our current programs in NYC schools, we are recruiting a new
Executive Director.  During the search and for remainder of the school year, Tom will continue to manage all Studio internships, scholarships, research grants, and visual art programs. Since the Studio Institute remains within our organization, we expect a seamless transition that ensures our NYC school programs will continue to deliver high quality visual art programs to our partners, while Tom leads the institute and our next phase of growth.