Thank You – Studio in a School

Framing Student Success: Connecting Rigorous Visual Arts, Math and Literacy Learning

A project in standards-based arts instruction with support provided by an  Arts-in-Education Model Development and Dissemination (AEMDD) Grant from the U.S. Department of Education Office of Innovation and Improvement
Studio in a School wishes to express its deep appreciation to all of the extraordinary educators who contributed to the Framing Student Success project, including the following schools, their teachers and their students:
2008-2009 Developer Schools
P.S. 49 Queens, Anthony Lombardi, Principal
P.S. 268 Queens, Lissa Grant-Stewart, Principal
P.S. 139 Brooklyn, Mary McDonald, Principal
P.S. 250 Brooklyn, Nora Barnes, Principal
P.S. 255 Brooklyn, Linda Singer, Principal
P.S. 75 Manhattan, Robert O’Brien, Principal
P.S. 165 Manhattan, Aracellis Castellano-Folk
P.S.171 Manhattan, Dimitres Pantelidis, Principal
P.S. 234 Manhattan, Lisa Ripperger, Principal
P.S. 363 The Neighborhood School, Milo Novelo, Principal
P.S. 196 Bronx, Lizzette Rivera, Principal
Special thanks also to the creative and devoted artists and art teachers who have made this project so successful:

Vicki Behm, Susan Bricker, Andrea Kantrowitz, Gail Molnar (principal artists) and Borinquen Gallo, Debbi Gibson, Katherine Huala, Louise Macrino, Christina Martz, Miriam Rankin, and Linnea Westerfield (art teachers) and Ascha Drake, Miki Iwamura, Josh Millis, Virginia Levie, Langdon Graves, Nat Meade, Kelly Martin, Jesse Martin, Elise Engler, Valerie Hammond, and James Reynolds (developer artists).

And, of course, our deepest thanks of all go to the six schools that served over the course of three full years as treatment and control sites for this study. Because we agreed with the schools to keep their identity confidential, it will be up to them to self-identify.