Enriching young lives through visual arts.

Students explore their creativity working directly with professional artists.

Creative solutions for our city’s shifting needs.

Forty years. Five boroughs of NYC. Nearly 1 million students served.

Make art flourish in your community.

Consultation, curricula blueprints and grant-funded research for your city.

Studio Institute

We believe in the value of visual arts education in and out of schools. The Studio Institute offers programs for high school and college students seeking arts careers, provides professional development, conducts arts education research, and shares strategies with other cities. Let us work with you to improve the quality of arts education for students of all ages.

Studio in a School is a visual arts organization partnering with public schools and community organizations in NYC and beyond. We bring together artists, educators, administrators, and leaders in the field through active, long-term partnerships, so that every student can have the opportunity for rigorous, engaging instruction from professional artists.