Daily Sketch #33

What is big? What is small? Put at least two things together so that something big looks small, and something small looks big. You are doing this by reversing the relative size of things.

There are two ways you can do this. You can place a small object near you and a large object far away, and see if you can reverse their size as they appear to your eyes. Or, you can put two things next to each other in a way that seems to reverse their size.

Try to draw them as they appear to your eyes. You might end up making a funny drawing! Give your drawing a title and write a story to go with it.

In this picture, a small dinosaur toy seems to be bigger than city buildings because the dinosaur is close to us and the buildings are far away.

In this picture, a toy cheetah looks smaller than a cup of coffee, even though we know a real cheetah would be bigger.

Photos by Pamela Crimmins