Daily Sketch #42

Have you ever seen a little rainbow inside your home?

Rainbows appear when light shines through a prism. The prism bends and reflects the light, and splits it into colorful bands. You’ve probably seen rainbows outside after it rains, when raindrops act as prisms. But you can find or make them indoors too. You might notice a rainbow at a certain time of day when the sun strikes a mirror or a glass object in your home at a certain angle. You can also fill a glass with water, place it in sunlight and create your own rainbow! 

Find or make a rainbow in your home. Now try to draw it. What colors do you see? 

If you would like to share your work with us email artwork@studioinaschool.org. We will share your creations on our ‘Studio in your Home’ page.


Photo: Pamela Crimmins

Photo: Denise Schatz