Daily Sketch #65

If you look closely, you can find signs of spring even in winter, right here in the city. Plants develop seeds, pods or cones over the summer that will fall to the ground, sleep in over the winter and sprout in the spring. 

Take a walk and see if you notice any seeds, pods or cones. If they have fallen to the ground, you can bring them home.

What do you notice when you look closely at them? What do you find if you open a pod or a cone? What clever designs does nature use to allow her seeds to spread?

Draw your seeds, pods or cones with pencil, colored pencils or pen so you can show texture and fine details. 

Go back in the spring and see if you can find new life!

If you would like to share your work with us email artwork@studioinaschool.org. We will share your creations on our ‘Studio in your Home’ page.

Photos by Pamela Crimmins