Daily Sketch #90

What indoor spaces have special memories for you? Try to remember a relative or friend’s house that you’ve visited often, or that made an impression. Think back to what the indoor space was like, and how the different rooms were arranged. Was the light bright or dark? What shapes were the rooms? What colors do you remember?

You could draw the actual light and color of this space, or you could draw the light and colors of your feelings when you remember this place. Use your imagination and memory, and don’t worry about showing real space or distance.

Just for fun, ask a relative or friend who was also there to try this too! Then, when you are finished, compare your drawings.

What is the same in both drawings? What is different? What does that tell us about our memories?

If you would like to share your work with us, email us at artwork@studioinaschool.org. We will share your creations on our ‘Studio in Your Home’ page.

Written by Pamela Lawton
Images by Caterina Kenworthy