Jean-Michel Basquiat King Pleasure Family Guide

Jean-Michel Basquiat King Pleasure Curriculum Guide

Grades 6-12

Create Your Own Visual Narrative

Grades 6-12

Playful Composition

Grades 2-5

Lines and Spaces

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Changing Paper

Collage Character

Drawing with Our Senses: Touch


Color Mixing

Discover all of the different colors you can make by mixing your crayons together!

Light & Shadow

When lights hits an object, it casts a dark shape on the surface of the opposite side of the object. The dark shape is called a shadow.

Found Objects: Creating a Sculpture

Did you know you can create art using objects you find at home. Start a collection of “beautiful stuff” : corks, empty aluminum cans, popsicle sticks, wood scraps, string, yarn, bottle tops, parts of broken toys and tops from dried markers! These are only a few ideas.

Think about what you can do with your beautiful stuff: sort by color, shape, size or texture.  Arrange, stack, balance, and make patterns with your stuff to create a work of art!

Keep your collection in a bag or box so you can start all over again!

Three Dimensional Thinking

In this activity we will work with paper to create a sculpture.

Capturing Weather

Lines can show movement, create details, and describe textures. ​In this lesson, you will learn to identify and draw different types of lines and shades​, and create drawings that describe all kinds of weather​.

Let’s Explore Lines!

Artists love to use different lines when they draw! In this activity we will discover and create different types of lines, go on a scavenger hunt, and create a drawing.

Shape Up

In this activity, you will go on a shape hunt to discover the shapes that are all around you, invent your own shapes, and create a shape drawing.