Thank you Essential Workers!!

How would you thank an essential worker if you could thank them in any way at all? 

Would you do something for them, like bake a cake?  Would you make something for them, like a special shiny hat? Would you give them a trip or a dinner out?

Use your imagination to think of the greatest gift you could give an essential worker to say thank you for their courageous work. 

Would you sky-write their name above the city? Make them a magic healing cookie? Or send them on a trip to the stars?

Draw a picture of your special thank you gift. You don’t have to write the words “thank you” to show your idea, but you can if you like.

Please submit your drawing to us and we will send it to a hospital in New York City. 

Email your drawing to: By sending us your drawing, you agree to allow us to copy and send your drawing as a thank you to a hospital in New York City.  

Drawing by Lou Blum Wallach, 11 years old.