Changing Paper

Join Studio in a School artist Belinda Blum as we explore different ways we can change paper, using just our hands.

Collage Character

Join Studio in a School artist Belinda Blum as we transform paper to create a collage of an imaginary person.

Drawing Patterns

Playhouse & Playground

Did you know that curved, folded and, zig-zag shapes can be used to make a house? Join Studio Artist, Cynthia as she uses paper to create a playhouse and playground from imagination.

Playhouse & Playground – MANDARIN

你知道弯曲的,折叠的和锯齿形的形状都可以用来构造房屋吗?跟着Studio艺术家,Cynthia 用纸制作想象中的游乐屋和游乐场。

Torn Paper Collage

Gather paper you find in your home and join us to create a collage character. 

Three color mixing

Join Studio in a School artist Daniel as he explores color mixing using three crayons: red, blue and yellow. Let’s see how many different colors he creates!

Look out your window and get ready to draw!

Dibujando un ojo

Únete a Ms. Z, artista de Studio, en esta lección de dibujo. Mírate en el espejo y usa un lápiz, el mejor amigo del artista, para dibujar paso a paso, todos los detalles de tu ojo. ¡Una excelente forma de prepararse para crear un retrato!

Drawing an Eye

Join Studio Artist Ms. Z for a drawing lesson. Look at yourself in the mirror and use a pencil, the artist’s best friend, to draw all the details of your eye step by step. This is a great way to get ready to create a portrait! 

Cloud Diary

In this video, Studio Artist Instructor Elise will show you how to make a cloud diary to observe and sketch the clouds you see in the sky each day.

Studio in a Box

Did you know that you can keep an artists’ studio in a box?! Join Studio artist, Anne Marie as she unpacks her Studio in a Box! Discover what art materials and artists’ tools Anne Marie keeps in her own box. 

Creating a paper sculpture

Did you know that you can use paper to create a sculpture? Join Studio artist, Cynthia as she explores different ways to change paper into interesting forms to make a three dimensional form!

Creating a paper sculpture – MANDARIN


Shape & Color Walk

How many shapes can you find in your home? What color are they? Join artist Kate as she discovers and draws different color shapes in her home. You will have turn to do the same!

String drawings with Langdon

Use a string and your imagination to create a drawing! Grab a string, a piece of paper, and a pencil and let’s get started….



Did you know that different kinds of paper have Texture? Some paper is smooth or soft or shiny. Some is rough or bumpy. Join artist, Lia as she creates shapes with different textures and makes designs with them.

Taking a line for a walk

Join Studio artist Kate as she explores how many different kinds of lines she can find in her apartment. She draws them as she moves from one room to another. Watch Kate and then go on a walk in your own apartment!

Pre-cut shape collage – SPANISH

En esta lección aprenderán a organizar y reorganizar formas para hacer un diseño. Pueden cortar formas usando cajas de cereal, pasta o con papel de desecho. ¡Miren cómo Lia crea diferentes diseños con cuadrados, rectángulos, círculos y formas libres!

Pre-cut shape collage

In this lesson you will learn about arranging and rearranging shapes to make a design. You can cut shapes from cereal, pasta or rice boxes or scrap paper. Watch how Lia creates different designs with squares, rectangles, circles and free shapes!