“Boundless Imagination” brings creative visions to Montefiore Medicine

Studio NYC is honored to partner with The Fine Art Program and Collection at Montefiore Medicine to present Boundless Imagination: Creativity in the Time of Covid-19 from Studio in a School NYC.

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This exhibition features over 70 artworks by children and teens who live across New York City, showcasing the vibrant output of Studio NYC’s recent remote and hybrid learning programs as well as artworks created in pre-pandemic classrooms. Artworks that were created remotely, are represented as a series of exhibition prints. The selection of drawings, paintings, collages, sculptures, and digital art reflects the remarkable resourcefulness that artmaking can elicit from young, imaginative minds, even during the most challenging of times.

Most of the works on display were created during the 2020-21 school year, as Studio NYC Artist Instructors virtually taught children to look at their surroundings with artists’ eyes and come up with methods to make art at home, with minimal resources. Kitchens and living rooms were transformed into thriving studios while family members and caretakers became collaborators and documentarians. Studio NYC is especially grateful to all family members, caretakers, and teachers for capturing the incredible photographs included in this exhibition. The images provide a glimpse into the outpouring of creativity as children and youth across New York City explored their creative talents in inventive ways, demonstrating that creativity supports resiliency.

More than 30 original artworks in Boundless Imagination were selected from Studio NYC’s Permanent Collection, honoring the achievements of multiple generations of children growing up in New York City. The Permanent Collection artworks were created in prior to 2020-21 with Studio NYC Artist Instructors working directly with students in their classrooms.

On view through December 2021, for Montefiore’s patients, staff, and medical students to enjoy, Boundless Imagination demonstrates a deepening partnership with Montefiore and highlights Studio’s ongoing commitment to providing quality visual arts instruction to young people, schools, and communities throughout New York City. The exhibition spans across Montefiore’s entire network of campuses, including The Gallery of ARTful Medicine at The Hutchinson Metro Center and the ARTViews Galleries at the Montefiore Moses, Wakefield, and Weiler Hospitals. To see the exhibition online, visit the Gallery of ARTFul Medicine’s website.

Regarding the exhibition, Alison Scott-Williams, President of Studio in a School NYC, remarks, “Studio in a School NYC is deeply honored to be the first to mount simultaneous exhibitions in all four of Montefiore’s galleries. Montefiore is known for its incredible commitment to the health and wellbeing of New York City, so it is both remarkable and telling that they have has dedicated so much physical space to bringing beauty to those in their care. This shines a powerful light on art’s capacity support the healing process. It is extraordinary to think that artwork, made by children and teens in the heart of a pandemic, can provide comfort, solace, and inspiration to Montefiore’s patients and staff.”

Dr. Michael Cabana MD, Physician-in-Chief, The Children’s Hospital at Montefiore, shares, “When children explore and create art, they can express their emotions, deal with stressful situations, collaborate with others, and develop new skills. All of these aspects help facilitate the healing, recovery, and growth process, as well as expand a child’s opportunities to communicate with our team.”

“Art is a powerful tool that can help patients and families through challenging circumstances. This exhibition, featuring varied artworks created by children during the COVID 19 pandemic through Studio in a School NYC’s visual arts programs, has transformed high-traffic locations throughout Montefiore Medicine’s campuses into soothing and restorative environments for our patients, staff, and students. These are gifted students, and their work has helped to humanize the patient experience,” explains Jodi Moise, Director, The Fine Art Program and Collection at Montefiore Medicine.