“First Impressions” Highlights over 30 Years of Student Prints at Studio NYC

Studio NYC is honored to partner with our longstanding cultural partner Christie’s to present, First Impressions: Prints by the Children of New York City, a virtual exhibition of 40 exceptional artworks by elementary and middle school students exploring the complexities and wonders of printmaking. With artworks spanning over 30 years, First Impressions is a testament to Studio’s ongoing dedication to teaching printmaking and inspiring generations of young artists to delve into the expressive capacities of this unique medium.

“The tools, materials, and processes for printmaking are deeply engaging for my students. They delight in the physical sensation of using rollers and inks to cover their printing plates and in seeing their creations transform into a print.”

—Cathy Ramey, Artist Instructor, Studio in a School NYC

From relief prints to collagraphs, the remarkable spectrum of prints would not be possible without the outstanding work of Studio NYC’s Artist Instructors, who establish the conditions for children to express their creativity at peak levels. Students start their prints by designing textured plates with resulting images viewable only after printing. Thus, the process becomes an act of faith, and the printed image a miraculous surprise, especially for young learners. Separating the process from the outcome in this way inspires students to take bold, creative risks.

Enter the Christie’s virtual gallery from the comfort of your home. Take your time to explore these powerful and inventive works. We are grateful to Christie’s for generously hosting this beautiful digital presentation, allowing us to share our student works with you.