“From Harlem to Ocean Hill” features showstopping murals celebrating community

Harlem 2022
Group Project (6th Grade)
P.S. 123, Manhattan
Artist Instructor: James Reynolds
Cristobal A. Camila A. Layvon B. Anthony B. Magan C. Nevaeha C. Lyzayana D. Mohammed H. Noah O. Stephanie J. Desire J. Saniyaa K. Fatou M. Cori M. Nichelle M. Makayla M. Noah N. Westley P. Radhaisa R. Adaly R. Alexandra R. Shamere S. Jaylah S. Nevaeh S. Shaily F.


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Studio in a School is proud to present, From Harlem to Ocean Hill: Art in the Community, an exhibition of collaborative murals, at epic scale, created by students from P.S. 123 in Manhattan and P.S. 599 in Brooklyn. Alongside the murals, are process sketches and photographs of the students at work, providing a rare glimpse into the creative process.

How are our stories told? How do neighborhood “spots” hold and shape our memories and create the space in which we live our lives? How do we assert our agency? How can we use our voices to create change? Artists at two schools investigated these questions as they created large-scale murals. Sixth graders from P.S. 123 explored the intersection of place and narrative, while fourth graders at P.S. 599 explored art as a form of activism. Both bodies of work complement each other in their celebration of agency and collaboration.

Where do we feel safe? Seen? Inspired? Connected? A diptych created at P.S. 123 titled Harlem 2022, underscores the importance of personal landmarks. Each of the spaces depicted represent direct experiences and memories in the artists’ Harlem neighborhood. The Social Justice Mural from P.S. 599 portrays the students themselves raising their voices for the issues that are important to them.

The process of creating these artworks encouraged the artists to share their stories, to negotiate working together, and balance asserting themselves and compromising. The murals represent the artists’ celebration of personal and social significance and form a vibrant document of what is possible when we come together: a place where our rich memories and experiences overlap and, when standing side by side, our voices and protests are amplified.

These murals were created with funding from the National Endowment for Arts (NEA), through their Art in Our Community grant. Studio would like to thank the NEA for their generous support.



From Harlem to Ocean Hill: Art in the Community

January 11 – February 10, 2023

The Studio in a School NYC Gallery

One East 53rd Street

New York, NY 10022

Open to the public 8am – 8pm, Monday – Friday