Studio NYC Students Celebrate City Life in We ❤ New York

Tenely M., painting, 2019, P.S. 87 Bronx, Studio NYC Artist Instructor Chris Williams

Vibrant city scenes are displayed in We New York: Cityscapes by the Children of New York City, a new digital exhibition featuring drawings, collages, paintings, and prints created by children and teens in Studio NYC’s art programs. The show, hosted by Christie’s New York, offers a multifaceted portrait of New York City, from quiet neighborhood streets to panoramic views of the city’s storied skyline. It is accompanied by We New York: Let’s Draw, a digital activity book conceived as a guide for exploratory art activities inspired by city life.

Studio NYC’s staff selected 35 artworks that capture the character of a place so close to students’ hearts. The visual stories of New York City are thematically presented in sections—Big Apple Classics, Big City Big Dreams, My City Up Close, and My Lady Liberty. With the support of Studio NYC’s dedicated Artists Instructors, students learned to observe their surroundings through an artist’s eye, reflect on their relationship with the city and see it in new ways.

Mural, group project, P.S. 123 Manhattan, Studio NYC Artist Instructor James Reynolds

Peter M., collage, 2017, P.S. 123 Manhattan, Studio NYC Artist Instructor Susan Conte

“I like to draw stuff that’s in the world to show people how the world looks,” explained one of Studio NYC’s students. The presented works were made in a wide range of media, from immediate, gestural painting and drawing, to more structured collage and printmaking. Each medium provides a space for different learning opportunities. Making prints, for example, challenges children to follow steps in certain order to create the final image. Collagraph (a collage made from layers of cardstock, inked and printed) and a subtractive method pressing lines into Styrofoam with a pencil are frequently used in Studio NYC’s residencies. Students print by hand leading to exciting results that can even be described as ‘magical.’

Pujita P., print, 2018, PS 99 Queens, Studio NYC Artist Instructor Victoria Calabro

Cassidy M., print, 2016, Frank Sinatra School of the Arts HS, Studio NYC Artist Instructor Jasmine Murrell 

We ❤ New York: Cityscapes by the Children of New York City is part of a longstanding partnership between Studio NYC and Christie’s New York. It is the third digital exhibition and the second online catalog in the collaboration, which adapted to the new reality of Covid-19 restrictions. The virtual series began in May 2020 with Littlest Learners 2020 designed as an onsite installation at Christie’s transformed into a virtual walk-through. In September 2020, Christie’s hosted Pictures of Us: Portraits by the Children of New York City, accompanied by an online catalogue.

Jennifer Hall, Senior Vice President, Regional Director at Christie’s New York, commented, “Art is at the core of all we do at Christie’s. We share with Studio NYC the passionate belief that the creative process nourishes self-expression, confidence, sense of identity, and sense of community. It is an honor and joy to highlight Studio’s critical mission of improving the well-being, critical thinking, imagination and inherent talent of its students.”

In celebration of the We New York: Cityscapes by the Children of New York City exhibition, Studio NYC produced a complementary activity book, We New York: Let’s Draw, featuring 10 open-ended art activities inspired by city life. Several activities that appear here were adapted from Studio NYC’s Daily Sketch series, a web-based collection of drawing prompts.

We believe they will spark creativity and encourage everyone to take a closer look at our surroundings.

Students participating in We ❤ New York: Cityscapes by the Children of New York City (listed in alphabetical order – student name, school, Artist Instructor):

Adamahawa T., PS 123 (James Reynolds) | Alexandria P., PS 123 (James Reynolds) | Alianna E., PS 123, (James Reynolds) | Amy D., PS 134 (Yayoi Asoma) | Anthony B., PS 123 (James Reynolds) | Ayaat A., PS 123 (James Reynolds) | Ayden N., PS 123 (James Reynolds) | Brian M, PS 123 (James Reynolds) | Cassidy M., Frank Sinatra School of the Arts High School (Jasmine Murrell) | Christopher M., PS 123 (James Reynolds) | Claire E., PS 123 (James Reynolds) | Cristian P., PS 123 (James Reynolds) | Cyrano C., PS 123 (James Reynolds) | Dasha F., PS 103 (Miguel Tio) | David P., PS 45 (Phillip Maysles) | Delylla F., PS 123 (James Reynolds) | Deshawn W., PS 123 (James Reynolds) | Easire F., PS 123 (James Reynolds) | Elijah R., PS 599 (Mildor Chevalier) | Ethan S., PS 45 (Phillip Maysles) | Fernando J., PS 123 (James Reynolds) |  Heaven H., PS 145 (Susan Conte) | Isabella G., PS 206 (Pamela Crimmins) | Isabella A., PS 123 (James Reynolds) | Isis F., PS 123 (James Reynolds) | Jacky Z., PS 134 (Yayoi Asoma) | Jahkori D., Art and Design High School (Jasmine Murrell) | Jaiden G., PS 219 (Aneta Wegrzyn) | Jaimee F., PS 145 (Susan Conte)  | Jaryd R., PS 599 (Mildor Chevalier) | Jayden W., PS 599 (Mildor Chevalier) | Joel C., PS 123 (James Reynolds) | Jonah G., PS 103 (Miguel Tio) | Jonathan D., PS 299 (Damali Miller) | Joseph P., PS 87 (Chris Williams) | Justin W., PS 599 (Mildor Chevalier) | Justin A., PS 206 (Pamela Crimmins) | Kaleb G., PS 206 (Pamela Crimmins) | Kareem A., PS 123 (James Reynolds) | Karen V., PS 123 (Suzanne Stroebe) |  Kashmiere H, PS 123 (James Reynolds) | Kayla Y., PS 99 (Victoria Calabro) | Kaylee R., PS 123 (James Reynolds) | Kelly R., PS 123 (James Reynolds) | Khloey R., PS 68 (Sara Wolfe) | Kilee D., PS 173 (Stephen Tunney) | Kimberly M., PS 206 (Pamela Crimmins) | Krislyn P., PS 599 (Mildor Chevalier) | Kyarah S., PS 45 (Phillip Maysles) | Lasine F., PS 123 (James Reynolds) | Leyu X., PS 281 (Andrea Burgay) | Logan J., PS 45 (Phillip Maysles) | Marianne S., PS 123 (James Reynolds) | Mariyah L., PS 145 (Leigh Ruple) | Miri B., PS 99 (Victoria Calabro) | Mohammed S., PS 123 (James Reynolds) | Naishaly R., PS 145 (Leigh Ruple)   | Naraly M., PS 145 (Susan Conte) | Nathalie M., PS 90 (Stephen Tunney) | Nia G., PS 599 (Mildor Chevalier) | Noah A., PS 123 (James Reynolds) | Nya G., PS 599 (Mildor Chevalier) | Olivia N., PS 152 (Delsa Camacho) | Peter M., PS 123 (Susan Conte) | Pricyse M., PS 123 (James Reynolds) | Pujita P., PS 99 (Victoria Calabro) | Rashelle O., PS 182 (Victoria Calabro) | Richard Q., Art and Design High School (Langdon Graves) | Rose H., PS 123 (James Reynolds) | Samuel D., PS 599 (Mildor Chevalier) | Shaquan G., PS 123 (James Reynolds) | Shemonti I., PS 99 (Victoria Calabro) | Sonia R., PS 99 (Victoria Calabro)  Tenely M., PS 87 (Chris Williams) | Tiffany D., PS 123 (James Reynolds) | Toniann P., PS 45 (Phillip Maysles) | Tyana B., Art and Design High School (Langdon Graves) | Willow L., PS 123 (James Reynolds) | Xamarah W., PS 599 (Mildor Chevalier) | Yan K, PS 206 (Pamela Crimmins)

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Kayla Y., Miri B., Shemonti I., print, 2018, PS 99 Quees, Studio NYC Artist Instructor Victoria Calabro