“The Colors of Us” Explores Themes of Identity, Diversity, Justice, and Action

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Studio in a School NYC proudly presents The Colors of Us: Exploring Identity Through Art. These student artworks were created during special Studio residencies that explored themes of identity, diversity, justice, and action. Through the process of artmaking, close looking, and reflection, these young artists learned ways to give voice to their unique perspectives and appreciate the diverse perspectives of others.
Oil Pastel Self Portraits from P.S 61X in the Bronx and P.S. 222Q in Queens
Artists: 1st and 2nd grade students
Artist Instructors: Katherine Huala and Juanita Lanzo
Essential Questions: What is special and unique about each of us? What do we have in common?
These self-portraits were created by 1st and 2nd grade artists during a Studio in a School residency designed to nurture self-awareness, confidence, pride, and positive social identities. Students depicted what is unique and beautiful about their own skin, hair, and facial features in these oil pastel self-portraits grounded in close observation, while learning what is unique and beautiful about others. Through reading and discussing a variety of contemporary children’s literature, students learned where skin color comes from, that all skin colors are beautiful, and that some ideas about skin color can be harmful. Furthermore, students were guided in close looking at portraits by artists including Jordan Casteel, Alice Neel, and Aliza Nissenbaum as well as self-portraits by children, ultimately learning how artists create portraits that depict the beauty of humanity.
Identity Collages from I.S. 228 in Brooklyn
Artists: 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students
Artist Instructor: Tali Keren
Collaborating Teacher: Natalie Nuzzo
Essential Questions: What makes us who we are? How can we better understand each other?
These middle school artists created collages that explore and express different aspects of their identities. Through close looking and discussing artworks by Martin Wong, Mickalene Thomas, Anisa Tavangar, and others, students learned about the complex elements that make up our identities and how artists use visual language to tell stories and share messages. Students learned how to use the medium of collage to create impactful designs that express who they are. Through sharing and discussing each other’s work, they developed empathy, respect, understanding, and connection.
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