Studio NYC and Christie’s Show “Pictures of Us”

Artwork by Ijania T., Sixth Grade, P.S. 45Q; Artist Instructor Philip Maysles

Studio NYC is proud to partner with Christie’s to present the online exhibition, Pictures of Us: Portraits by the Children of New York City. Comprised of thirty portraits in drawing, collage, painting, and printmaking, this exhibition reflects and celebrates the diverse communities that enrich life in New York City. At the same time these artworks foreground the specific qualities that make each of us singular, distinctive, and unique.

In describing the exhibition, Studio’s President, Alison Scott-Williams, remarked: “The portraits in this exhibition provide a powerful lens into the lives of our students. The nuances of emotion from pathos to joy is a reminder of their sensitivity and brilliance. The resulting images, through the elements of shape, line, and color, tell us more than a photo ever could. Together, these works form a collective portrait of promise for the next generation.”

During the COVID-19 outbreak, Christie’s has partnered with Studio NYC to amplify the inspiring work of our students. This exhibition takes the form of a digital catalogue in which artworks are placed side by side across two-page spreads, creating dynamic pairings that spark unexpected connections. The positivity and joy expressed in these artworks strikes a note of optimism as we enter the holiday season. We are grateful to Christie’s for generously hosting this digital presentation on its website and allowing us to share these inspiring works of art with you.

View the online exhibition here.