Studio NYC Programs Air On WNET, Let’s Learn Series

Studio NYC is proudly providing video content for the public television series Let’s Learn, a partnership between the New York City Department of Education and WNET Channel 13, which was launched at the start of the Covid-19 outbreak to supplement at-home and blended learning for children ages 3 to 8. By participating in Let’s Learn, Studio NYC is joining other New York City arts organizations to serve the children and families of our city during this challenging time.

In the videos presented with both English and Spanish captions, Studio NYC Artist Instructors lead children in art activities using materials that can easily be found at home. Featured in the show’s segment Let’s Create!, three videos have already aired. In “Look Out Your Window and Draw!,” instructors Alex Strada and Langdon Graves encourage children to use their imagination. First, Alex Strada asks children to look closely out their window and, with an artist’s eyes, notice what they see and create a detailed drawing. Later in the video, Langdon Graves demonstrates how to use chance as inspiration for drawing. After dropping a piece of string on a sheet of paper, children are encouraged to draw it the way it looks. In the “Drawing Patterns” segment, Belinda Blum invites the young audience to look for patterns in their own home, and guides them to create new patterns from their imagination.

This process-based approach to visual arts instruction is an opportunity to engage children who might not be able to experience our method in the classroom.

Studio NYC’s Senior Director Julie Applebaum said, “Our partnership with Let’s Learn builds on our relationship with the Office of Early Childhood and allows us to reach students and families who may not have access to the internet and regular classroom instruction. Studio NYC’s open-ended, process-based approach is particularly well-suited for early childhood lessons and allows for multiple entry points and multi-modal art learning experiences.”

Upcoming videos will focus on the principles and elements of art and highlight shape, color, line and pattern. They will air at 9:00 a.m. on Channel 21 and 11:00 a.m. on Channel 13 on the following dates:

February 22: “Take a Line for a Walk” (Artist Instructor Daniel Mantilla)

March 3: “Shape and Color Walk” (Artist Instructor Belinda Blum)

March 5: “Transforming Paper” (Artist Instructor Belinda Blum)

March 9: “Collage Character” (Artist Instructor Belinda Blum)

March 19: “Primary Colors” (Artist Instructor Daniel Mantilla)

March 22: “Mixing Colors” (Artist Instructor Daniel Mantilla)

March 31: “Mixing Tints” (Artist Instructor Daniel Mantilla)

April 16: “Exploring Shapes” (Artist Instructor Daniel Mantilla)

April 23: “Paper Collage I” (Artist Instructor Cynthia Chen)

April 30: “Paper Collage II” (Artist Instructor Cynthia Chen)

May 4: “Paper Collage III” (Artist Instructor Cynthia Chen)

May 11: “Paper Collage IV” (Artist Instructor Cynthia Chen)

May 19th: “Paper Collage V” (Artist Instructor Cynthia Chen)

May 21st: “Beautiful Stuff I” (Artist Instructor Juanita Lanzo)


The Studio in Your Home web page and our social media feeds (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter) are available anytime as additional resources to ensure that children have access to quality visual art experiences during the pandemic.

View full episodes of Let’s Learn online here.