Residency Program

Program Fast Facts

Studio NYC’s Residency Program helps students develop art making knowledge and skills so they can express themselves through the language of art and is available to all New York City public schools and community-based organizations. Our approach is rooted in the artistic process, focusing on exploration, discovery, and skill building in a variety of art media. Students learn that thinking like an artist means experimenting, looking closely, and finding creative solutions.   

The program’s flexible nature helps schools meet their students’ needs through customized programs and curricula for all grades. We also offer specialized training in teaching practices and supports for multilingual learners and students with disabilities. This program is offered during the school day and after-school for grades 2K through 12. Schools choose two different media such as drawing, painting, printmaking, collage, or sculpture in a 14-week residency, which includes a professional development workshop. Each residency culminates in a final exhibition to celebrate and reflect on the students’ work and creative growth.  

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The Residency Program offers students the chance to explore materials and ideas. They learn to try out different artistic points of view with a variety of media during each program. Studio artist instructors use high-quality art materials, offering students a rich tactile experience. 


Students discover that they can express themselves in new ways. They are encouraged to experiment and take chances to find multiple solutions for artistic and intellectual challenges. As they learn to work independently and collaboratively in a new medium, they often discover important insights about themselves. 


Students use memory, observation, and imagination to create art works that highlight their individuality. They are encouraged to develop work that reflects their unique experience, point of view, and interests.  


Students learn how to create art – and so much more. They learn to use artists’ tools, hone their technical and expressive skills. They develop and use vocabulary to describe their intentions and explain their choices. They persevere and solve problems through a multi-step process. They learn to envision an idea and develop it. Making art together gives students the inspiration, agency, and confidence to further pursue their ideas. 

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Quick Facts

Available to all public schools and community-based organizations

Pre-K through 12th grade

14– or 6-week school day residencies

8-week after-school residency (additional days can be added)

4 or 5 classes per day

Drawings, painting, printmaking, collage, sculpture, 2-D design, and media-tech

All programs begin with a planning meeting for teachers and administrators


1 on-site professional development session

Final exhibition

Parent workshops or community (family) art events with take-home art kits may be added

Discount for purchase of 3 or more 14-week programs