Long Term Program

Studio’s Most Comprehensive Visual Arts Partnership Program

Program Fast Facts


The Long Term residency provides art instruction in the optimal way – a multi-grade curriculum for five consecutive years, with a dedicated Artist Instructor, a dedicated art studio in each school, and a full supply of high-quality art materials. Students receive comprehensive visual arts experiences that encourage them to explore their imaginations and develop the Artist Habits of Mind which  include the ability to stretch, explore, persist, observe, and reflect. Our approach prioritizes collaboration as we foster strong partnerships with school administrators, teachers, and partners, and offer professional learning for teachers and workshops for families.  

Each school year culminates with an exhibition displaying artworks from all participating students to celebrate their artistic accomplishments. Student artwork is also prominently displayed in changing exhibitions throughout the school and included in Studio’s citywide exhibitions. 

Additionally, our Long Term Program partners with 25 Title I schools across all five boroughs every school year, engaging up to 9,000 students and 550 teachers in the program. 

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Children explore a full range of 2- and 3-D media, including drawing, painting, sculpture, collage, printmaking, 2-D design, and media technology. They study artworks and artists from many different cultures, times, and places. They explore new ways of thinking – analyzing artwork, forming critical opinions, and justifying their ideas with evidence. They also consider the rich cultural resources of New York City and including those in their own neighborhoods. 


Students discover how to think like an artist – to observe closely, solve problems, persist through challenges, and reflect on their creative process. They discover the value of innovation, precision, and artistry. They are encouraged to be adventurous and realize that they can take on new tasks with confidence and curiosity. 


Studio’s approach emphasizes personal expression; students explore artistic inspiration observation, memory, and imagination to create personally meaningful work. Each piece of artwork expresses a child’s unique ideas, choices, and solutions. Collaborative pieces celebrate the combined artistic choices and social skills of small groups. Children create a body of artwork over a period of years. 


Studio’s Long Term Program gives children a comprehensive arts education. It builds foundational art skills that meet the grade level benchmarks of the NYC DOE Arts Blueprint. It develops creative and critical thinking skills and habits. Children learn to observe the world closely, develop their imaginations, and reflect on what they and their peers create. They build both academic and domain-specific vocabulary while talking about art, asking, and answering questions, and describing their choices and intentions.  

For more information, contact (212) 459-1455 or longterm@studioinaschool.org

Fast Facts

80% subsidized program for Title I schools

30 weeks of art instruction each school year

4 days/week in years 1 & 2 (2–4 days/week in years 3–5)

16+ classes receive art instruction

Grades Pre-K through 6

Drawing, painting, printmaking, collage, sculpture, 2–D design, and media-technology

Teachers collaborate during classes

2 professional development workshops/year

1 parent workshop/year

Planning meetings at the start of each semester

1 school-wide end-of-year exhibition and celebration/year

Participating schools are required to provide a full size classroom with sink and smartboard as dedicated art studio

Schools are required to assign a school aide or paraprofessional to serve as studio assistant